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SD Bartender License

Got questions about about bartender licensing in SD? Quickly navigate through all your questions before you continue on to receiving your responsible server training.


CheersAlcohol Training South Dakota

Would you like to know how to serve alcohol responsibly in South Dakota? Learn how to spot fake IDs, tell when someone is intoxicated, and local laws to work towards getting your bartending license.

Minnesota Responsible Serving®

Find more information about online training for bartending, sellers, servers, and food managers in Minnesota and exceed state requirements to lower your business's liquor liability insurance.


Illinois Basset License

The Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Education and Training (BASSET) provides alcohol sellers and servers with state laws and related tools to promote responsible serving®.


Illinois Bartender Licensing

Learn more about IL bartender licensing and the BASSET program aimed at preventing drunk driving by informing bartenders, sellers, and servers laws and techniques to use in the workplace.

CA Bartending License

PSCC's Safe Serving Certification, will teach you the rules and regulations specific to California as well as how to identify forged IDs, how to tell if someone is over their personal limit, and more.

isconsin Bartender License
Kegs More Worth of LinksOnline

Find the best deals online to get your Wisconsin Seller/Server Certificate. Learn local laws, how to check ids, how to prevent DUI's, and more.

Wisconsin Responsible Serving®

Find the best, one-stop resources for responsible serving® certification, bartender training,and seller/server tools. Learn the best techniques to take care of your customers.

Washington MAST License

Get started with your first 60 days of work by receiving your required Washington Mast Permit to handle and serve alcohol at your workplace.

Texas TABC

Receive your Texas Bartender License / Server Permit (TABC) by learning through interactive online courses guiding your education.

TX Responsible Serving® Course

Approved by the TABC, the responsible alcohol server training ensures that sellers and servers of alcohol understand the liquor laws in Texas and how to serve responsibly.


Bartending Database

Need help finding a job after training? The bartending database will help your network with others of the service industry and help you search for a job.


Pennsylvania Ramp License

With some of the strictest liquor laws in the country, the PA RAMP license helps servers learn the Pennsylvania Liquor Code and prevent excessive alcohol consumption.


Oregon Bartender Licensing

Bartenders, alcohol sellers, and servers are provided with information and links to help them get certified/licensed to bartend or serve alcohol responsibly in Oregon.


Alabama Responsible Vendor

With Alabama's dram shop laws, bartenders and owners need to learn local laws to better protect and educate themselves with the Alabama Responsible Vendor certification.